Linda Bailey

Linda BaileyHi! I'm Linda Bailey, and I love writing children's books.  I write different kinds — novels, picture books, comic-book histories.  Most of them are at least a little bit funny.

Linda Bailey and characters, by Bill SlavinIf you look at the drawing (by the wonderful Bill Slavin), you'll see me with some of my characters. There's Stanley the dog, dancing out front. Stevie Diamond, my detective, is in the garbage can. The time-travelling Binkerton kids are there, too — Josh, Emma and Libby. Did you notice that none of them are paying the slightest attention to me?

Well, that's how it is for a writer. You make up characters, and then they develop lives of their own. They surprise you. They amuse you. They become your imaginary friends.

I hope they'll become your imaginary friends, too. Please explore!

© Linda Bailey, 2007
© Art by Bill Slavin, 2007
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