What can I say about Stanley? He's the dog of my heart, the dog I would love to be.

Stanley began with my dog Sophie. Sophie was a goof and a clown, and she gave me at least half of my laugh-out-louds each day. After watching her for years, I turned her into Stanley — a book-dog who gets to do what Sophie only dreamed of doing. Have parties! Ride skateboards! Go to sea!

But it took Bill Slavin's exuberant, hilarious art to bring Stanley to life. And as the reviews below show, he couldn't have done a better job of bringing his own "inner dog" to these books.

So, come. Sit. Stay. Enjoy the party!

"This is first-class entertainment all the way, with a last line — 'If you don't believe me, ask your dog' — that's cheekiness itself."  *Starred review, Publishers Weekly

"Slavin's polished paintings of Stanley's antics and Bailey's confident breezy story add up to a triumphant cautionary tale that will leave both adults and kids laughing. Party on, Stanley."  Kirkus Reviews

"This is a funny, delightful book. Bailey's text carefully maintains a dog's-eye view of the world, and much of the humour lies in the clash between dog and human perspectives. Even if you're not a fan of real dogs, this book is a riot."  *Starred review, Quill & Quire

"With chuckles on nearly every page, this humorous story makes an ideal read-aloud. Dog lovers and party animals alike will howl with delight."  School Library Journal

Stanley's Party
illustrated by Bill Slavin
published by Kids Can Press

Stanley knows he isn't supposed to sit on the couch. But one evening when his people are out, he dares to try a single paw. One thing leads to another, and before Stanley knows it, he finds himself hosting the best doggone party a dog ever had!

Winner, Time to Read Award, B.C. Achievement Foundation,       2007
Winner, Oregon SMART Award, 2006
Winner, Saskatchewan Shining Willow Award, 2005
Winner, Georgia Storybook Award, 2005
Winner, B.C. Chocolate Lily Award, 2005
Winner, Christie Harris Award (B.C. Book Prizes), 2004
Winner, Blue Spruce Award, Ontario Library Association,       2004
Winner, Zena Sutherland Award for Children's Literature,       2004
Winner, Tiny Torgi Award (CNIB Print Braille), 2004
Winner, Child Magazine Best Children's Book Award, 2003
"Book Sense 76" Title
Shortlist, California Young Reader Medal, 2007

"The text is smart, comic, and a rollicking good time. Clever details punctuate the art, and the dogs' bodies and faces reflect their joy and excitement. An appealing companion to Stanley's Party."  School Library Journal

"Slavin's whimsical, detailed, textured acrylics capture the exuberant action and humor and create charming canine characters. Try this well-paced, energetic story with restless young listeners who, like Stanley, feel a bit penned in."  Booklist

"Stanley, a lovable galoot of a lab, proves himself a master of mischief and mayhem as he once again breaks the house rules . . . Even though Stanley ends up in the doghouse with his owners, Bailey and Slavin cheekily demonstrate that his wild ride was well worth it."  Quill & Quire

"Adopting the sensibility of a dog, Bailey has created another wonderfully amusing tale about Stanley and his personified canine pals. It is easy to imagine our own four legged friends engaged in a similar exploit!"  Canadian Materials

Stanley's Wild Ride
illustrated by Bill Slavin
published by Kids Can Press

Stanley knows he isn't supposed to leave the yard. But like many of us, he dreams of a bigger world. So one night, with some buddies, he climbs the steepest hill in town. At the top is a mysterious wheeled thing, and when the dogs find it, they're in for the ride of a lifetime!

Winner, California Young Reader Medal, 2009
Winner, Chocolate Lily Award, 2008
Winner, Book of the Year (Picture Book Gold), Foreword      Magazine, 2007
Honour Book, Blue Spruce Award, Ontario Library       Association, 2007
Honour Book , TD Canadian Children's Literature Award,       2007
OLA Best Bets, Top 10 Canadian Children's Books 2006

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"Plainly unable to stay out of mischief for long, Stanley and his canine buddies embark on a third escapade . . . this one with cosmic overtones. Once again, Bailey endows her characters with believably doggy thought processes, and the pop-eyed, floppy-eared figures in Slavin's textured pain-on-gesso scenes positively exude enthusiasm. . . The tale of how they found pooch paradise quickly becomes a legend throughout dogdom: 'No dog has ever found that fence again,' Bailey concludes, 'but they think about it all the time.' Stanley's waggish appeal will win over readers young or grown." Starred review, Kirkus Reviews

“This canine quartet is brimming over with personality. Slavin takes advantage also of their different breeds and sizes to increase the comic situation. Humor dominates the pages.” Children’s Literature

“Stanley’s Party and Stanley’s Wild Ride, by Vancouver’s Linda Bailey, have sold more than 100,000 copies. Now the lovable lab and his motley crew of canine friends are back, following their hungry noses from a picnic table to the deck of a massive freighter. Super illustrations, in acrylics on gessoed paper, by the prolific Bill Slavin.” Editor’s choice, Vancouver Sun.

Stanley at Sea
illustrated by Bill Slavin
published by Kids Can Press

It's picnic time at the park, and the people aren't sharing. So what's a hungry dog to do? Stanley and his buddies slump on down to the river where an abandoned ham sandwich lures them aboard a small red boat. When the boat comes unmoored, they go racing down the river! And the next thing they know, with a whoosh and a whirl, the dogs are swept to sea.

Only Stanley can guess their destination — the end of Outside!

Honour Book, Blue Spruce Award, Ontario Library      Association, 2009
OLA Best Bets, Top 10 Canadian Picture Books, 2008


"Bailey has the art of the picture book text down pat She tells us just enough. Her story celebrates doggie and child solidarity and stays firmly in their world. Slavin's art makes visible all that Bailey's words suggest, constructing narrative detail and radiating character in every frame. It all makes for an ebullient read, and more . . . Stanley is likely to become a Canadian kids' icon, the ally of those who resist socialization and thrill to the pleasures of the wild, the rambunctious and the hungry." Toronto Star

"Stanley has lost none of his energetic appeal in this, his fourth adventure. The drama of the turning page is fully exploited . . . Both Bailey and Slavin stay firmly in the dog point of view, where smell is paramount and humans are beloved but misguided." Quill & Quire

"Stanley is an expressive and appealing pooch whose heart is always in the right place."  Kirkus Reviews

"Stanley's many fans will love poring over this adventure."  School Library Journal

Stanley's Beauty Contest
illustrated by Bill Slavin
published by Kids Can Press

What are Stanley's people thinking? They've entered him in a dog show! Not only that, they've been so busy primping their pooch that they forgot to give him his breakfast. Fluffy and hungry and grumpy, Stanley is driven to the dog park. He doesn't really "get" the contests, but when he sniffs the prizes — pretty much the best dog cookies ever baked — he's ready to put his best paw forward.

Does a dog like Stanley stand a chance at "Most Beautiful"? And if not, can he still find a way to save — or ruin! — the day?

Honour Book, Blue Spruce Award, Ontario Library      Association, 2010
Book of the Year, Forward Magazine, shortlist, 2009
Chocolate Lily Award, shortlist, 2010
Shining Willow Award, Saskatchewan Young Readers
     Choice, shortlist, 2010


"Stanley's back, but in this, the latest in the popular series with the delightfully comic dog's-eye view of the world, the boisterous canine has to deal with trouble he didn't cause. Stanley's trouble takes the form of Fluffy, a feisty tabby cat . . . Linda Bailey has great comic timing, and Stanley, a character Bailey based on her own dog, is goofy, endearing, and often laugh-out-loud funny. Fluffy brings a new energy to the series: she doesn't say much, but her standoffish behaviour proves the ideal foil for Stanley's good nature. Bill Slavin's textured acrylics saturate the pages and breathe life into Stanley and his sidekicks, creating a canine–-and now partly feline--world of mayhem and fun.” Quill & Quire

"The colorful illustrations and comic expressions on the pets' faces enhance the story, which already contains two of the magic elements when it comes to picture-book popularity--humor and pets. This story would be enjoyable for storytime as a stand-alone, but also would make a nice lead-in for discussions about getting along with others." School Library Journal


Stanley's Little Sister
illustrated by Bill Slavin
published by Kids Can Press

Stanley knows he isn’t supposed to chase the cat. But this is Stanley’s house! And who invited that cat to live here, anyway? Stanley’s people, that’s who. They came home with the cat, and that was that. Can Stanley learn to get along with his new “little sister”? Get ready for a whole new take on sibling rivalry.

Shortlist, Rainforest of Trees Award, 2013
Winner, B.C. Chocolate Lily Award, 2012
Shortlist, Ontario Blue Spruce Award, 2012
OLA Best Bets, Top 10 Canadian Picture Books, 2010

"This dog's-eye view of a day at school will leave readers laughing with delight."  School Library Journal

"Here’s hoping readers feel the same way about school as Stanley does; even if they don’t, though, they are sure to laugh at the dogs’ adventures. Where will they end up next?"  Kirkus

Stanley at School
illustrated by Bill Slavin
published by Kids Can Press

Every day Stanley gets more and more curious about the school on his street. What do the kids do there all day? He gathers his pals, and with Stanley in the lead, they break in through the big school doors. All goes well as they discover a room full of steal-able LUNCH — and a group of very excited kids. But when a man with a broom shows up, the fun ends fast. A high-speed chase takes the dogs through the gym, music room and art room, and straight into — the principal's office!





© Linda Bailey, 2007
© Art by Bill Slavin, 2007